Rid me of this awful frame, Wander from atop this pyre

by Endciv

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released November 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Endciv Poultney, Vermont

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Track Name: Our Garden Rife With Snow
a swell of limb
pervasive snare splintering bow
fertility passed sometime in the night

burning cathadra ascent from a crimson sheet
thick wheel of iron encompassing everything
dead wood dried ink
divesting feathers from the finches frame
where it lay
feeble shades of scarlet reverie
dead wood dried ink

waning paragon i will lay with you
til the mornings avowing light
teaches me the architecture of our pulsing hearts
til our garden is rife with snow
til i no longer recall the hollow shape of certainty
or the depth and direction of your hastened footprints
or the narrow path that leads out to the sea
Track Name: Rid Me of This Awful Frame, Wander From Atop This Pyre
ride me of this awful frame
wander from atop this pyre
quivering doe you wrapped her in damp cloth and sang
"i bring only what the jackals left in their dens"
splintering bone, dried husks, and torn rinds
wilting with the lie of fertility
steadfast as nothing the well dries the stones crack
i dig and dig
our garden lies barren your gown torn in ashes
but a bleeding bed remains

a lantern left upon your sill
the night was long i could not stay
a tired mare with broken hooves
i could not love you in the ashen light of morning

when the new day avows
the harsh metals of our graying features
and the disparate mounds where you buried the last
when the new snow is shed
do not tread upon it
Track Name: Miasmic Gown
in a jar she kept its stillborn roots
and stripped its bark from me
the dregs of a cradle im swallowing splinters
and scraping the dry rot from my gums
no resonance dragged from this wooden maw
could shape a statuette or sonnet
merely a maladroit farewell
left to decompose upon torn shards of parchment
miasmic gown atop our naked thatching
feeble loom i strung your heathers
like frail tendons
clinging to a rivers bed